#52ndBirthdayChallenge #PT52ndBirthdayChallenge

In honor of Pastor Tony's 52nd birthday, join the 52nd Birthday Challenge to help raise the necessary funds to complete the Groveland Community Center & Gymnasium!

How To Do Pastor Tony's 52nd Birthday Challenge

In honor of Pastor Tony’s birthday, we are asking everyone to participate in the 52nd Birthday Challenge by creating a short 30-60 second video, challenging 10 of your friends and family to donate $52 or any multiple of $52, to help finish the Community Center and Gymnasium.

After you create your video, you will post it on your social media accounts. We made it SUPER EASY! You can use our verbiage in your video and then just copy and paste the social media information below when posting your video.

You Can Say This In Your 30-60 Seconds Video

Happy Birthday Pastor Tony!

In honor of your birthday, I’m joining your 52nd Birthday Challenge so that you can raise the necessary funds to complete the Groveland Community Gymnasium. I’d like to take this time and challenge 10 of my family & friends to become a supporter like myself, and give $52 or any multiple of $52, to help finish building this Gymnasium! Go to www.gohopechurch.com to donate.

So I’m challenging....
(name your 10 people here)

Let’s get this Community Gymnasium built so that our children can have a safe place for recreational activities and fun!

This Gymnasium will serve the ENTIRE community! To include by not limited to:

⁃ Our Youth
⁃ Our Senior Community
⁃ A First Responders Training Area
⁃ Football/Soccer Leagues Location
⁃ Community Movie Night Location
⁃ Wedding Venue Location
⁃ Graduation Venue Location
⁃ Special Needs Facility
⁃ Health Fairs Location
⁃ Sport Arena

Again, Happy Birthday Pastor Tony!

You Can Copy and Paste This on Your Social Media Post With Your Video

Copy & paste BELOW to your social media page when you get ready to post your video. Please remember DO NOT challenge any Hope International Church Pastoral staff, leaders, or members; it has to be your families and friends. ⬇️⬇️⬇️

52nd Birthday Challenge!

I was inspired by Dr. Tony McCoy to take part in his 52nd Birthday Challenge this year. He has a heart for building men, women and the youth throughout Lake County. Therefore, this challenge gives myself, family & friends the opportunity to become “Community Supporters!” ALL proceeds go towards the completion of the Community Gymnasium.

The Rules are Simple:

1. How to Donate: https://gohopechurch.com/donate-2/

2. Once you’re nominated and feel led to support this great cause, create a video and post it on your social media pages, with the names of the 10 family & friends you’d like to challenge in donating $52 or more for the completion of the Community Gymnasium.

Join Pastor Tony's 52nd Birthday Challenge!

Be Part of Hope's Mission to Save, Encourage and Change Our Surrounding Communities. Your Contribution of $52 or any Multiple of $52 Will Help to Transform the Lives of Families and Build Community Legacy!

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