Pastor Jodie

First Lady Jodie McCoy is a Long Island, NY native. She was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana where she married the love of her life in 1993. From this union they have three beautiful children; Khrystyna, TJ (Tony Jr.) and Isaiah. She takes great joy in making her children her focal point as they transition into young adulthood. She is a new grandmother, affectionately known as “JiJi,” to Christopher Tremaine. Jodie McCoy, affectionately known as Pastor Jodie, is the co-founder of Hope International Church, where she is her husband’s biggest supporter. Throughout their entire marriage they have ministered God’s Word in a fashion that Saves Souls, Encourages Hearts, and Changes Communities. From the time she could remember her heart has always been for hurting people. First Lady McCoy is an encourager by nature. She believes that whatever your circumstances, you can rise above them. Pastor Jodie’s passion is to “love people to life.” In addition to being an entrepreneur, First Lady, wife, and mother, Jodie McCoy embraces the calling that God has placed on the lives of both her and her husband. She is a woman of God, who has the power to minister to all of God’s people regardless of their ethnicity, financial status, sex, or age. When you meet Pastor Jodie McCoy, you encounter God’s love, a mighty prayer warrior, and a down to earth First Lady.