Voltage Youth Group

Voltage is defined as electric potential. A volt is a unit for measuring the force that moves an electric current.

Every Wednesday 7 P.M.

Our Mission

Voltage Youth Group will help propel Hope International Church’s mission to save, encourage, and change our surrounding communities. We will do this by equipping and edifying middle school and high school students to lead lives that are representations of the life God wants us to live.

Our Purpose

We believe that every youth is a “volt” with unlimited voltage. As we serve our youth by helping them understand the source of their power, we believe that their “voltage” will increase to match the voltage of their source. That source of power is God. As we all strive to comprehend the nature of God more and more, we discover that we in turn increase the voltage or the power of God in our individual lives. It is our vision to see all youth in the sphere of our influence tap into the unlimited voltage and power that is already on the inside of them according to Ephesians 3:20. As a result, we will serve them by putting them in a position to serve and exercise the power of God within them towards their peers, their families, and the community.

Our Support

We believe that in order to put an everlasting imprint on this generation, we would need to perpetuate the impartation of servitude. In order to stay relevant and powerful in approach, it is important that we utilize the young adults in our ministry to help facilitate and assist in leading the Voltage Youth Group. These individuals are affectionately known as the “InBetweens”. They are the individuals that are graduated from high school and have entered adulthood but are not fully engaged in “adulting” yet. They are sort of in between. They are a powerful support because they are not far removed from the youth ministry and are mature enough to help guide the youth through some of the issues that they themselves may have just endured. Having the in-betweens involved takes the limits off of how much support we will have with the Voltage Youth Group when it comes to hands needed for chaperoning outings, keeping order in services, personal touch in ministering to the youth, organization, and so much more, all while keeping them plugged in and propelling them to continue serving people.

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